Being sensitive

I have noticed that for the last time i’ve become too much sensitive for everything. It doesnt need a serious reason, sometimes even stupid things make me cry. 

Usually i always try to keep a balance that no one notices it but me. But inside of my heart i always feel that something is gonna erupt. 

Some days ago when i was revising history i read about one battle( usually well-known in Georgia cause we won against the numerous enemies) and simply i couldnt help tears falling.. Today i came across Anne Frank’s diaries in my book and it also made me cry.. 

Even when i hear about the victory of somebody who earned it with their hard work it also makes me cry… Or when i see that humanity still exists keeps me being emotional…

and my fears are continuously living with my feelings inside of me. When i see the emergency  something breaks in my heart… That means Somebody isnt feeling well enough..maybe somebody’s gonna die… And death ..thats what breaks my heart most…

am i on my mind ?? Am i going mad or what is happening ?? Fortunately, no one sees my tears… But is it ok that i feel this way ?? I’ve got no idea…

One thought on “Being sensitive”

  1. But unfortunately in this damned world no one ever asks what is going on in your heart. They Only see external features … And mostly no one ever cares what you really think or feel.

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