Nothing interesting..

I have just realized that i haven’t written any entry fo four days already.. i just remembered it.. 

Nothing interesting happened to me this past four days.. I hate it coz it’s so hot here.. 

So anyways.. these past few days.. my friends are having problems.. but they are fine now.. I guess.. one of the members of our group chat is not doing great.. coz he is sick.. because of staying up too late..  but he is taking medications.. so hope he’ll be fine soon.. 

Yesterday.. a friend.. more of like an older brother.. it feels nice to talk to him.. he knows how to cheer me up.. he motivates me.. and I thank him a for all of those.. it helped.. what he said.. it really helped me.. sometimes.. the people that you think you can’t talk to about serious stuff.. turns out to be fun to talk to somehow.. 

This is all of it for tonight.. 

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