Perfect day so far!


Today I got to spend my morning with my gorgeous, intelligent daughter, Autumn Marie! I wish I got more time with her but next weekend I’ll see her again! I’m FINALLY going to Dutch braid my cousins hair… I’ve been super lazy on doing it for her, but how hard is it for her to YouTube it and watch herself on how to do it. Very difficult!! I swear if her brain didn’t automatically tell her lungs to breathe she would forget too. How sad is that? I hope she doesn’t get all crazy like she was yesterday… I can’t be around her when she gets like that. She gets slash is super annoying and.extremely rude. Ugh, didn’t mean to vent I’m actually having the perfect day so far and it’s going to stay that way damnit!!! Lol


Tata for now! MUAH xoxoxox!

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