so…it happened again?

I just typed up an entry and clicked publish then it brought me back to the home page and when I checked my journal, the entry wasn’t there…??? cool thanks. -.- good thing i was smart and typed it in a notepad document and pasted it here. let me try it again…

So, I should definitely be doing like 1000 other (more important) things right now. But the house is quiet, I have nowhere to be right now, so I figured what the hell.
Let’s see…Today is Friday and it’s been a minute since I updated. What’s been going on? Shit, a lot actually haha.
let’s seeee.
so mom had her back surgery. It went well no complications whatsoever. which is really nice for sure. she’s been at home for almost 2 weeks now and matt and i have been taking care of her. mostly me. but whatever. it’s kinda getting to the point now where she’s fine but just gets tired really easy. I will say this, though…having her around 24/7 is really REALLY making me want to move out.
That brings me to another point. LESS THAN A MONTH TO GRADUATION! OMGGGGG. can’t effin wait. I applied for my first real grown up full time job earlier today. I honestly don’t even remember what the position is, but it’s somewhere in my county and pays 40k a year. I dunno if I’ll get it, but it was just super nice to be like “BA DEGREE CHECK” but in fancy terms lmao

let’s see what else?
last weekend was Rani’s engagement party and Oscar and I went down to LA to celebrate. it was so nice. it was definitely a MUCH NEEDED vacation for the two of us. we’d been fighting a lot recently and it was getting pretty hairy there for a minute. there’s just a lack of understanding between us sometimes. i’m a super emotional person and he just….isn’t. sometimes i get really sad over some dumb shit and i feel like crying. and he’s so used to be being mr. tough man that he doesn’t really know how to handle my emtotions and sometimes gets angry. but whatever, that’s the SUPER condensed version of what’s been going on between us. but right now we’re in a good spot. so that’s nice 🙂
tomorrow we’re going to tony’s baseball game and then im not sure what my plan is after.
cami invited me to go to this selena tribute concert/girls night at a hotel after but its gonna be like 75 bucks NOT including food and drinks and I literally have -50.00 in my bank account right now. thing is, though, she already booked the hotel so im not quite sure if i can even back out without hurting her, you know? ugh it’s just shitty.
i like hanging out with her i really do, but sometimes its just frustrating not haviing her understand that I cant afford to just be blowing 75 dollars on ONE night. plus it’s all the way in san jose and im just like UHHHHH idk about that.
i should REALLY be in the shower or writing one of the three fuckin papers i need to do lol.
fuuuuuuuck it. i just wanna fast forward to graduation and be done with everything.
unfortunately, i cant do anything but stick it out -.-

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