That Sensitive Friend

It’s kind of weird, when you have a sensitive friend,

And you’re used to being really tough.

So when you joke or laugh or be yourself, that sensitive friend somehow gets offended.

And it’s like: what did I do wrong?

Is it the person of who I am wrong?




You shouldn’t be someone that isn’t yourself. Not even for your friend. That friend needs to learn to grow up. If your friend cannot accept who you are, then he (or she) shouldn’t be your friend.

It’s like a hammer to the heart, only your heart is made out of glass, and it immediately shatters.

Falling to the ground as reflecting shards.

If your friend cannot or hasn’t proved his or her loyalty after a long time…

Then is he really worth it to you?

Is it worth losing a friend because he can’t accept who you are?

So many questions.

And the answers are in the midst of a thick, darkening fog which can’t be penetrated.

The best solution?

Is to wait.


Like the tides and swells that lap at a beach’s shore.


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