The Epic Day – Tales from the cat infested house

Bright and early today I had to be at the vet’s by 8:30 to drop off the boys for their surgery. They had to fast before their appointment so last night after dinner I hid their food bowls. Around 3 am Jake was whining in my face. 

“Human, you are neglecting your duties. I am starving. I demand breakfast.” Sorry Jake, you can whine and beg, but I can not feed you today. By 5 am the situation turned drastic. Poor Andy was miserable. He too reminded me that his food was missing, his belly was rumbling, and he was wasting away. No matter how pitiful or hard they cried I didn’t give in. For the first morning ever Jake and Andy (also known as “Jandy”) went without breakfast.

By 7:45 the days events took an ugly turn when the man and I corralled the boys and got them into the car. Jake and Andy are strictly inside kitties so anytime they travel they get nervous. They were quiet for the entire car ride. We got to the office, checked the boys in, and said our “I love you’s” and “See you soon”. Andy glared at me as the vet tech carried him off for his surgery. I felt terrible, but this was for their own good.

The Man and I had a quick breakfast at Waffle House and than hopped on the high way to our destination two towns over. We picked up the newest member of our family… Tyrion! On the way back home poor little Tyrion pooped in the cat carrier.

Once we arrived at the house we introduced Tyrion to his new big sister. Miss Toothless doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body. She’s never approved of her little brothers. Maybe it’s the drugs she’s on for the cancer. Maybe she took pity on the tiny kitten who was in a strange place far away from his mommy and litter mates. Whatever it was, she was very accepting of Tyrion.  She allowed him into her room and let him share her personal food dish. That’s as far as it went though. She denied him entry to her private cube. She growled whenever he got into the entrance. Still, this is huge for her.

I picked up the boys just after 2 pm. They were groggy and not exactly thrilled to see me. Once safe back inside our house they began to ease up. That’s when they met their new little brother. It took a few sniffs and it was clear the boys didn’t know what to think. Tyrion was determined to win them over. He followed them every where. Slowly Andy came around. Jake, still tired from the meds curled up high in Snoochie’s top bunk.

I had to leave at 5 to go to work. Wish I could have stayed with the kids and the cats.  Now I’m home and it’s the witching hour. I should sleep soon. Tyrion is curled up sleeping against the man. Everything is so peaceful. Guess that’s my cue to say goodnight.

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  1. What a lovely peaceful moment! Glad for you. Congrats on the new cat member of your family!

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