The World is Divided

The world is divided.

By continent.

By country.

And by state.

But it is also divided between race and what is right.

I watched a movie, Ruby Bridges.

The tale of a brave black girl,

Who went to a school full of white people,

And was disgraced.

Those people who disgraced her did not use logic. Nor sense, or reason.

They merely judged her.

By one’s skin color?

If she had been white, would you have treated her the same?

The answer is simple: no.

You would have respected her instead.

Like the yin and yang, black and white are meant to be opposites. But humanity is bigger than the symbol of balance, humanity IS the symbol of balance.

People today still disgrace black people. It was not as before, but as violence.

We’re afraid of them killing us. Stealing from us. Robbing us.

The black deny it- yet so many of their race do so.

However, people always have good in them.

I believe in everyone.

Not as an optimist- but purely out of goodwill.

What hope do we have if we do not accept everyone as who they are?

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