Summer of 2011. He came from a near province from the city I lived. He moved to his aunt’s place where happens to be the same village where I lived 😊😊 I’ve heard about him few years back since my mom and hers. His uncle happens to be my ninong too ! 😅😇😇  So he worked as “stay in” boy in my father’ s employer house while my father is a driver. I see him everytime i visit my father’s employer’s house since I lived there before and we have that family-feeling closeness. We are invited in some occasions held there so i got to see him sometimes ✌ The first time i saw him was like ‘HEAVEN’ sent me to the highest ! 😍😍 

He was not that cute tho i was so infatuated by his aura. He’s not that pretty boy type. He was so shy, i think. He was the cold ones. He was the kind of boy who is boring. But why am i so captured by his charm??😥 I never heard him talk while im around. He’s not that handsome he looks bad-boy in silence. He’s not perfect, he has a lot of flaws, not just physical. But whyyy? He’s not the friendly type either ✊ We went together with family and friends to the Divine -Mercy Shrine. I still remember how i took stolen shots of him secretly. (Ughh i feel like a theif ) One time, i grabbed her aunt’s phone and searched for his name hoping i could steal his number!! Goodness gracious. We aren’t in the same network. His’ was the expensive ones. Shyeet. I still messaged him though it’s 50-50 if he’s gonna text me back or not. I could text him all day cause i ain’t gonna do work work work in the haus! 😇 I can’t forget the feeling i could still feel the way i felt the first time he replied. HEAVEN. Though his replies was “ok,hehe,nyc,wew,haha, ok lang” 

It was still summer of 2011, when we have our traditional “flores de mayo” and “ALS” (alternative learning shcool/system) he stopped going to school when he was 15 i think. Bec of the injury he had or idk what else the reasons are. Thats why he entered the ALS which will be at our village’s small chapel every afternoon. So then, i always sneak out every afternoon just to see him pass by. One day, there was a activity on our chapel, where the assistant of the teacher, was 3 years ahead of my age. Idk. But she was kinda smart and kind. 😉😉 I approached her though i dunno her a little. I asked her if “R” was her student. She answered me “yes”. She was so approachable that I find it easy to talk to her fluently. I asked so many questions until i summed up realizing she had a crush  on him too ! 😍😍 that why we find it so easy to talk to each other, bond, and communicatr because we have so many common things and fav ❤ We talk several times, always about him. We had his biography since he’s a student from ALS and had to write his biography aaaa 😍😍☀ Time passes by, i stopped texting him thinking he wasn’t happy what im doing. Duhh i never talked to him in personal. I can’t . id lose my underwear’s thread if i do. I can’t forget the day i felt the most embarrassing moment! When we were playimg binggo with old friends with him, my stomach was aching. I went to the comfort room quickly. When i was about to open the door– prrruut!!! Shit! I just farted. I was so ashamed that i went home leaving them my bingo chips Shet hahaha!! 😂😂 I stopped texting him bec i think he don’t want me to. Its ok. Years pass by, Regine, the girl ive met, still one of my best of best friends.

2013 when we are gathered together (youth in our village) to be part of youth association (MOTHER THRICE ADMIRABLE QUEEN AND VICTRESS OF SCHOENSTTAT😐)  Boys and Girls. I expected already that he would be one of  the members since my father’s employer and “R’s” employer is already and member of MTA . but not youth. hehehe i and regine was at “Barkada ni Maria”(Mary’s friends) for girls and “R” was in “Knights of Mary” for boys.

 summer of 2015 we attended the 1st Shcoensttat Youth Convention held in Cebu, Philippines. We traveled through ship. “Cokaliong shipping lines” 😛 We had our “Economy” tickets where we had our own deck. I was saddened when we had different numbers of deck which means , we will be separated according to our numbers. Aaaah 🙁 Well we arrived at Talisay City, Cebu. After 14-15hours. Nice experience it was ❤❤. Months pass, school days, Christmas,  I thank 2015 for giving me good expreiences, at the new years eve, we had our Media Noche at our employer’s house since she had no one to be with at new years eve. Then we set goals with regine to take pictures with him at January 1, 2015. Exactly 12am. We took it to place it as our fb’s profile picture(https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=563433420457465&set=a.101191630014982.1118.100003724352203&type=3&theater) Thats my picture with him. And here’s my bestfriends (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=576466822488087&set=a.101130590021715.1147.100003743222126&type=3&theater) . Little did we know, he has a girlfriend. They are in LDR. Long distance love affair charrotttt ! 😛 When we uploaded it, the girl kept commenting on our pix. Da hell I care. Haha she left a private message at Regine’s fb account. The convo goes : 

GF: Whats with you and R? Is he your crush? Ayiieeee 

Regine: No. Just his friend. 

GF: ayieee you like him right? 

Reg: Who are u?

GF: his girlfriend 🙂 

——- end of convo ——

After months, we found out, that they broke up. Whaaatda???? IDK THE REASON WHY. We’re not happy tho. But no. Hell no. We care about his feelings ✋✋ OKAY?! but right now, we didn’t see each other not talk either. But ryt this moment, Im 16, he’s 20 or 22 i forgot. Im no longer a fan-girl who saves his pictures in phone and serves as my wallpaper. Nope. Not anymore. I’ve Accepted that i’ll be the girl he will never notice.  We see sometimes at chapel, at his employer’s house . It is possible to see him around because we lived in the same village. :)) You bring out the hopeless romantic in me, R. Can’t do any.  When I saw him lately about like last week? still I cannot look into his eyes. Still we have not talked. Still I cannot act normal. Ryt this moment, still he leaves me breathless. 💘❤   

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