Day 52 – Warm day today

 Sunday, April 17th 2016

Today was good! I enjoyed it.

I went off to church first. Unfortunately, our pastor could not make it, because of family emergencies. Instead, we had some people come to talk about their programs. One of them was an Australian woman who worked for Matthew House (for refugees) and the other was a man from Vancouver, but I don’t remember what program he was offering. I was very happy to hear that she was Australian, because I love Australian accents, but her accent was softer. Speaking about accents, in order, my favourite accents are any from the UK (Scottish, Irish, Welsh and English) and Australian.

I went in the car of my grandmother, because she was eating lunch with us. During that time I appreciated how nice it is outside. It’s so warm that you don’t even need a coat. Makes me really happy, because although I love the cold, I’m so ready for summer.

Other than that, I streamed Undertale on steam and finished the Soulless Pacifist. I don’t think I’m up for doing Soulless Genocide. I want to keep the characters all happy in the end (even though they’re just video game characters and that in Soulless Pacifist, Frisk becomes evil at the end, because she doesn’t have a soul), but better than just killing everyone and leaving it at that, right? I was also the top of the list for people streaming Undertale on steam, even though we were online five people. I always wanted to do YouTube, so streaming seems nice too. I’m not the most interesting person though, and my voice is rather deep, so people easily assume I’m a Canadian guy. Well, they got the Canadian part right. I’m always tempted to not say anything about it. I think one day I should be streamer and never show me face and not say anything about my gender, then one day reveal it.

That’s all for today.

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