Horror Movie Junkie

It all started way back in the day. I was 4… maybe 5. My big brother rented Nightmare on Elm street as his selection on movie night. My mother banned me from being anywhere near the living room during the screening.

Up to this point, I was a PG kid. I was a Rainbow Brite loving freak and I always rented the same movie every Friday. The Last Unicorn had it all! A rocking sound track, a beautiful unicorn on a mega important quest, magic, a fiery red bull, rare and dangerous animals, oh and my personal favorite a talking skeleton that was not only hilarious, but slightly ominous.

That’s why my mom was so sure that if I even caught a glimpse of Freddy I’d be wetting my bed in no time. I had never been straight out banned from a movie before so unfortunately for my mom, I accepted her request as a challenge.

We had open shelves built into the wall between my play room and the living room. They were crammed full of nick nacks, but you could get a good view of one room from the other. While my family was thoroughly engrossed in the flick, I secretly and silently moved all the chachkies off of the wooden shelves and climbed up in their place. From this vantage point I had full view of the television and no one was the wiser. Until…

I must have made a sound; a cough or a sneeze. My mother busted me. I begged her to let me finish watching the movie. I had gone too far. I needed to know if one of those doomed teenagers had what it takes to defeat Freddy. With great persuasion, my mom reluctantly agreed to let me see this to the end. Only, I had to sit right next to her and she had exclusive rights to veto my vision, covering my eyes whenever a gruesome event occurred.

It was love from first sight. I loved the adrenaline pumping thrill of fear. Eventually I convinced my mom to let me watch the gory scenes. Nightmare on Elm street might have been my first, but Halloween is my very favorite cult classic. Michael Myers is just so damn creepy! I like Friday the 13th too, but let’s face it – Jason’s a chud.

The horror movie that freaked me out the most? The Descent. It’s a claustrophobic’s worst nightmare.

*Silver Bullet*Silent Hill*Wrong Turn*Jeepers Creepers*Saw*It*Killer Clown From Outter Space*House Of A Thousand Corspes*Poltergeist*Pet Cemetary*Pyscho*Hostel*Hell Raiser*Leprechaun*The Conjuring*Cabin Fever*Evil Dead* (I can list these out all day!)

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  1. I’ve not watched nearly as many as you! I used to love the monster or paranormal type but not the others…then I watched quite a few of the others. I still like them but the bf does not…and he wouldn’t care if I watched…but I usually concede to his tastes. Maybe I need to see a good thriller. Or something…because I’m not very thrilled at all! 😉

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