I dont need a guy to be happy, or do i?

I really miss having somebody by my side to tell me that things are going to get better.

Ive been so upset these days because the guy that I was going out with just totally forgot about me. He just stopped answering me and he keeps posting photos of him with a bunch of girls in a night club. I’m happy that im not with him anymore because I want somebody who respects me and he didnt seems to do it I mean he used to hook up with me and with anothers girls in the same nitgh, and I knew it but I didnt wanted to believe and I still hooked up with him, because I thought that he could really like me, because I really liked him. But now i realized how silly I was for thinking that I was speacial for him. HAHAH my bad. But what makes me sad is that I didnt mean anything for him, and he did to me. I really thought that I was lucky this time to have met him, but I wasnt. I was never good at relationships… I never had a serious relationship, and I know im only 16 but I would be happy to have somebody who respects me by my side. It could bring happiness to my life, buuuuuuut I’m not gonna be sad because of silly boys, c’mon! I know my values and I know that I deseve a better guy, and that in the right time he will come. Till there, I will live as happy as possible with my own company! I love being with me…. I love my self and I dont need a guy to be happy!!!

2 thoughts on “I dont need a guy to be happy, or do i?”

  1. the only guy you really NEED is Jesus. yes it might sound silly, but he is the only one who can provide for you with everything you need. he is the only one who will be there for you no matter what. he is the only one who sees everything you do, good or bad, and still loves you unconditionally. so dont be discouraged, he has the perfect guy picked out for you already, he is just waiting for the perfect time. until then, get closer with Jesus until that time comes so you can grow in your faith and be wiser about relationships.

  2. Nani! Until I was 16 I never had a girl friend or I had never gone on a date, I’m 21 now and I still haven’t. lol. Somehow it makes me laugh. There is a different culture in my country.

    By looking at your one year life as a 16 year old I can say that I like my culture. I never had to think that kind of stuff, I never had those kind of feelings of loneliness and gilt of making a mistake and choosing the wrong girl to go out with.
    Hell I didn’t even had the concept of a girl friend when I was 16.
    You have been stressed for a whole year! Just be content with your friends for a while.

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