Is the pain ever going to go away

My old posts were from almost a year ago and I still feel pretty much the same. Wtf is wrong with me. Why can’t I move on. Why can’t I be happy. 

I feel like so much bad stuff keeps happening to me lately. I finally thought things were finally getting better and that things would start turning around and now i’m just in a worse place than ever. I can’t do anything right. Can’t catch a break in this life. 

Sometimes it seems like people who do all these bad things and don’t give a shit get everything they want and have all the luck. I try not to do bad things and it feels like the universe is shitting on me. 

3 thoughts on “Is the pain ever going to go away”

  1. I know exactly how you feel , its hard being alive in this world but beating yourself gf doesn’t help . Give yourself a break . You will get it right .Yes life does not come with a manual but you will figure it out just take it one day at a time oh and love yourself .sometimes it does feel like some of us are meant to suffer but work on yourself and be kinder to yourself .

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