Not the first…

I know i’m not the first girl to come on here and write about their broken heart but i really need an out,

I live in a place where i work and socialise with the same people every day. One of them being him. It’s been over a month now and the pain is still as fresh. I am a little stronger, i can pretend to be happy, i can distract myself, i can put a smile on my face but i can’t stop wanting and needing him. People keep saying time will heal and to move on but how can i when i have to look at his beautiful face every day. 

At 25 i feel so damaged already the past sometimes feels like a bad dream and my dreams play havoc with me as it is.

I miss him so much and i just don’t know what to do.

3 thoughts on “Not the first…”

  1. I completely understand what you’re going through (you can read about it on my blog), but the man I loved cheated on me, left and now wants back. I understand what it’s like to feel broken and put the strong girl persona out there. But be real with yourself. You probably are gorgeous, you are wise, and you will get through this. You don’t NEED anyone, you desire him. But if he can walk away easily, that’s when you know you deserve better.

  2. He never cheated on me but it turns out after 2 and a half years i wasn’t the right girl for him (not good enough) how do it make the feelings go away!

  3. Oh God does this hit home …I sooo can’s torture ….with me is been a year now and maybe throw in some months but I still cant get over him …I’ve started dating but it’s just not the same I think about him so much because this new guy doesn’t even come close .I’m talking about when u even go as far as dream about him and wish it would stop .because it’s futile .he probably doesn’t even care

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