Nothing special today

What should I say about this week? Just an ordinary week, nothing special. 

I may come back to the city that I came from, and how I feel about that? hmm I hope we can make it! But I dont know if I’m prepared to leave my friends here, btw I want to get out of this city so much… People from here suck!!! I just wanna see the world, and I just wanna meet new people, and new places… I really want and need to get out of my reality for a while. Im so under pressure, school is driving me crazy and this is my last year so I really need to make it. 

Nothing much to say about today : I went to my friends house and we had a great time together… I love to spend time with them, btw its kind of hard as long as I’m the only one who doesnt have a boyfriend, so I dont go out with them always…. 

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