So I actually had a really nice time today. We woke up this morning and went to church and our teacher bought us all Bojangles so that was very kind of him. The lesson was really good of course. After church we talked to some people and then went home to grab my camera bag and use the bathroom before we left. We left my house around 11:30ish to go pick up my friend. After we picked her up we went on to my uncles where we talked for just a few minutes before we left for our hour drive to south mountain state park. In the car we just talked and laughed at just about everything. My mom has never met my friend before and it turns out that my mom really liked her. We got to the park and we unloaded our things before we made our journey up the trails. We saw at the very least a million and three dogs and I wanted to take a picture with all of them but I can’t because that’s not polite. We started our walk and of course I had to photograph everything that I thought would make a great photo. I personally loved it because I was with the people I enjoyed being around we were all able to talk and just do whatever we please. There were a lot of very steep parts to this trail so we had to stop occasionally to let the adults catch up. We got to the top and by then I had taken a million photos and we all needed a quick break so we stopped and sat for a few minutes before we made our way through a different trail that leads us down the mountain. For some odd reason my little brother decided to run down the mountain so me and my friend just joked about him falling and somehow we ended up talking about childhood memories where we got hurt. So after that we went home and dropped her off and everything and now I’m here.

So I’m trying to upload my photos from my canon to my computer but my cord to do that is faulty. I don’t understand that in all honesty because back during Christmas when I used it it was completely fine. I don’t know if someone tempered with it but I just simply want my photo to be connected to this blog and I can’t upload this until I have the photo. So yall might not get a new photo today because it’s latter in the night and I’m not getting anything out of this cord.

Alright guys so it’s currently 9 at night and I have a lot of homework to do and a project do start so I need to finish this. I’m not going to attach a picture to this blog until I get my pictures on my computer. So I’m sorry for the people seeing it when I first publish it. I don’t have a picture but it will have a picture within the next few nights.

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