trust God

i dont even know how to express my feelings. my dad had an affair. i have seen this happen to many people, but i never imagined it happening to me. i dont know what to feel,  or say, or do. i just want to cry but nothing comes out. ive cried out all the tears i can possibly cry. i know this is horrible, but i dont know if i ever want him to live with us again. i dont feel comfortable. after he told us, i couldnt even look at him anymore. its not the same. he is still my dad and i still love him, but i dont know if i want him in my life right now. i just have to give my life to God and let him help me through this. i just dont understand why all this happens to my family. my life was going so well. but i know that this is not the end. jeremiah 29:11. God has a plan and i know that everything is going to be okay. i am putting my trust in God and giving him my life, because i know that he has a plan and he knows exactly why this happened. i am just going to come out stronger than i was before any of this happened. 

One thought on “trust God”

  1. You’re right. This testing moment will make you stronger.

    Try to remember the good in your father. Yes, he made a terrible mistake, but no one is perfect. We all make bad choices at one time or another. Would you want all of your wrong doings held against you? In the end, he’s still the same person and he is still your father. I think when you’ve had some time to sift through your emotions you should talk with him about why this has hurt you and how it has effected you. Give him the chance to be your dad. Hopefully you’ll be able to forgive him.

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