Family and x’s

Don’t get me wrong before i say any of this, i just want to make it clear that i know my family love me and would do anything for me but they do not know me at all, my mum has been incredible over the years and has raised me on her own but she doesn’t know what my favorite music is or colour, she doesn’t know what i want to be or whats on my bucket list she just does not know me very well at all, there is no one on this planet that i can share my secrets with. The advice she gave me on my break up was not very helpful at all.

I have to stop myself every night from texting him and asking him to spend the night with me, after all he will just say no and i will just scream desperation, I’ve been very good though its been 3 weeks now since i last text him or spoke to him first.

I want him back and hopefully when he sees the new me he will want me back too, you just have to keep trying right? 



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