It’s happening

All my friends told me and mom weirdly enough gave me advice on this topic, and here am contemplating my next move. My friends told me racially and personality wise we didn’t really fit. My mom having had a bad marriage life that ended up in divorce to hold myself to high standards and always have my eyes peeled for relationship signs. I think it’s happening.

Backstory: A really close friend of mine once told me that the way a guy treats his mother is the way he’ll treat his girl. I’ve always been one to doubt others advice but now I’m not so sure . We’ve been dating for  month , 2 weeks and 1 day basically. I think I’ve been pretty lenient  and non-picky on his poor habits and  he has quit or temporarily stopped at least  with me ( involving weed and cigars; he tastes much cleaner ). At first glance were not exactly a puzzle that fit together  , him being lighter weight than me and my way more athletic and muscular buid. . His 6’1  and 120lbs  to my 5’7 and 126lbs and regardless of our interracial relationship it’s never really been a issue . Sometimes I feel out of place but I’ve grown up in predominantly white culture except for my african heritage that I do associate and participate in. But back to the matter at hand , he used the tone . Yea you know that tone that freaks you out so bad that you freeze or stop breathing. We weren’t really arguing I was just joking around then he used the (scary)  tone that made me rethink my decision on being with him and  think back to a close friends advice.  Your probably wondering why I’m with a guy that constantly disrespects his mom but in justification it’s deeper issue regardless I know he shouldn’t ( I have trouble in the same department too). But  he’ s never really yelled or used the tone he used with his mom, I guess it wasn’t really as harsh because he is literally the most caring guy even when his parents are bit overbearing (a lot). He used his stressed out voice or strained I can’t really explain it but it scared me it was like my future flashed before , him constantly using that tone with me , it really  did scare me .  Am I being paranoid? Quite honestly I’ve never felt more cherished than with him. Not only am I scared of his potential behavior but his constant inappropriate acts and topics he chooses to talk about . I don’t know what to do?

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