April 18 4:34 pm – Beautiful day had to get outside. Sat in chair outside with Buddy (the dog) and walked him a little (very little) around the yard. Decided to walk to Louise’s next door. Kenny was cutting grass and Buddy barked at the door but Louise didn’t come right away and I didn’t want to open it and yell in case she was sleeping. She finally came out and we had a nice visit sharing our side effects from our treatments. She hadn’t been feeling good but was having a better day. Buddy was good and gave lots of kisses. When I got up to leave Louise knew I was extremely tired. She was worried and told me to call her when I got back home. Crazy I could do a quick run in less than a minute between our houses before all this crap. Now I really wasn’t sure if I would make it at all even with lots of stops. When I got home I ‘crashed’ in bed. I really hate feeling like this. Told the husband I want to go to the zoo. Guess that is out of the question for now. He told me I wouldn’t even be able to take the ride.

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