Our Short Life

Today I visited to the cremation ground and found that there were five dead bodies in total.  Then I analyze about our life, finally my answer was it is nothing but just an empty space. Moreover, our life is filled with full of uncertainty and impermanence. As per Buddhist tradition we have to cremate the dead body in line with funeral.

I could see many grieve relatives of the dead person gathered there for the cremation. Also, many of them are mourning for the lost ones. How shall we define about our life? It is just an empty space where in some place one is buried in the graveyard and some are cremate like in our tradition. There is nothing we can do except when we live in this modern world we have to be good to others and so on (i.e. as per Buddhist belief). But for many it will differ from our tradition. Around the world, different people in the society belief in some specific religion and they practice for that particular one. I hope that all religions are for the betterment of people in the world and for all the sentient beings.

One can never predict about our own life and others too. For instance, one may be rich now but one may become poor tomorrow, one may be happy for a moment but one may become sad the next moment, one may be alive today but one may die tomorrow and so on. Therefore,  all aforementioned shows that our life is all about uncertainty and impermanence. My request to the readers is that live meaningful lives ahead and always try to lend a helping hand to all the sentient beings around the world.

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