The Nag

It’s 4 AM, I called wondering where you were. It rang and then went to voicemail. I called again it went straight to voicemail. You don’t want to pick up. I texted you how I was worried and wondering where you were. No response. I stay awake, I fret. Exhaustion. Relationship books. I browse through them on Amazon and I order couple to be shipped tonight. I shouldn’t have spent that money. Do I really think that this is going to help?

6 AM, I heard the garage opening. I opened the door for you. Welcome home. Silence. 

Why didn’t you pick up?

I didn’t feel like talking to you.

Didn’t you know I was worried about you?

I don’t care.

Why do you think that was okay?

You never gave a shit about how I felt, why should I give a shit about how you feel.

You know that’s not true… Heartache sits in. Do you want to get past this?

Stop nagging. I don’t care about all of this shit, just let me live my life.

But I want to live that life with you. 

I don’t give a shit right now. Just leave me the fuck alone.


I want to give up so badly and run away from all of this. But I love you so much. Please let this work out.



One thought on “The Nag”

  1. This is not okay in a relationship. Running away from that would not even be considered “running away”. You would be freeing yourself and opening up opportunity… not running away and giving up. Maybe read my story Safe haven…and then you will see.

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