You are a sentence with no punctuation.

A language i’ve never heard spoken before.Your smile, oh man, your smile

Is like watching the sunrise.

Your voice….your voice is the only sound i want to hear.

And your hands,and your warmth are the only things i want to feel.

I wish….I wish i could be there with you,beside you

I wish that i could wake up next to you.

But you see,You’re cancer and i’m dying

And right now i’m hoping to recover


You ripped every last bit of me to shreds and i’m slowly trying to glue back the pieces you left behind.

I shall recover and i shall get up  and one day i shall see you and pull from within me a smile i never thought i could have again.Then i shall walk up to you and say these words

“You made me…You made me who i am today and i’m thankful as hell you did” and then you shall walk away feeling guilty,feeling as if you could’ve done more actually like you should’ve done more

Then i want you to hurt the same way i hurt right now, seeing me happy.

I want all the pain you’ve caused me to finally come back to you.

The person who put me in this mess

The person who lied and cheated I want you to feel like crap.

I want you to hurt.

But until that day comes.

I am in recovery.

I’m healing from the wounds you caused.


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