tired of it all

This is the most  ever miserable  I have been in my life …and especially in this relationship I’m in and no one is to blame I’m just not that into him I’ve been holding back alot …I don’t know maybe past experiences made me too tough or too guarded ..that I’ve lost that sense of how to love ..I don’t know or maybe because I don’t even love myself intirely  and can’t accept love ..therefore dont know how to give love .sigh anyway he sent me a text that we need to “talk ” .sounds seriously bad .but then again I had broken up with him  last week  then we got back together two days later …so it could be, that maybe we done for good and frankly maybe it’s for the best I need to help myself by working on myself ,learning to love myself , focusing on college my main focus .and being kinder to myself. We  just not working out . and he needs to be happy because I can’t make him happy .

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