So yesterday she made me so mad she actually made me cry.  I haven’t gotten into with her like that for probably two years.   My stinkng psudeo-friend…my boss.  She is so fucking stupid and most of the time I tolerate her.

The thing she does that will most irritate me is treat me like a child.  She doesn’t do this to the others and for months I was the second highest producer.  Although since she does not know how (I told you she is actually very stupid) to do the stats by the hour…she refuses to believe that.  So for whatever reason she watches over my shoulder like a hawk and nitpicks me which again none of the others are treated this way.  So last week she got a different desk…had her old one moved to the empty spot in here and alluded to I could have the desk.  So when I tried to move into it yesterday all hell broke loose.  The real reason, control…she wants to control me…if I move behind the partition she can’t see my screen and hound me.  And God forbid that I be treated like a grown-up.  This is like being in second grade and made to sit next to sister’s chair.   Anyhow she and I got into a huge fight.  I ended up crying in front of her for an hour!  Came home last night…dinner with the guys felt a little better but not much. Called off today but came in at noon since I had lost my ID in the shuffle of the mess of shoving stuff back in my desk. 

So I made the decision no more OT for me till after vacation.  Part of the reason I was doing it was because I cared, about the job, about getting the work done, about  being a team player .But obviously if I can’t even move into a different spot and a better desk it is not appreciated.  SO…I’m giving myself a mini-vacation.  My doc took me off of one of my meds for a week to see if it was hurting my stomach (ah the stomach relief)  I’m supposed to go back on a half dose next week but I’m not.  And I’m not working any OT either.  Two weeks of work then I’m on vacation for a week. I’ve decided to live in “vacation mode” till then and do what I want for a change.  A little “me” time.  Then when I get back…back to diet and meds and overtime and being responsible.  Sigh.

I want to retire so fucking bad!  I’m 63 years old and I’m over it.  I’m targeting now  age 68 and 1/2.  Crap that leaves me with 1,763 working days left!  That’s a lot, a hell of a lot of working days!  (HUGH SIGH)

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