It’s been a long day and it is only 5 pm. Sheesh am I in trouble. I already want it to be bedtime. I’m over heated and I have a headache setting in. I’ve never been one for naps… maybe I should attempt one.

Snoochie found poison ivy in the backyard… the hard way. The mystery is that she seems to only have it on her face.  I don’t quite understand how that happened. I put calamine lotion on her and gave her an allergy pill. Poor kid. Between the acne and the rash she looks pretty ragged.

Today was mostly boring. The Man and I brought Toothless to the vet for a patch change, but her vet wasn’t in. We have to go back tomorrow. This is what we get for not calling. 

Went to Sonic’s for lunch. They screwed it up… twice. Kept putting cheese on my burger. The Man got it fixed for me the 1st time, asked they that not scrape it off because I’ll know and it’ll make me gag. Yeah they made a new burger, but used the same wrapper & bun. Wtf!?! Hot cheese melts into everything. It was all over the original wrapper so it got all over the remade burger. I was so disgusted I said I didn’t want them to “remake” it because by this point I was grossed out and sick to my stomach. I just wanted my money back. Effing idiots. No it’s not an allergy, but it is an intolerance. I’m ranting about my hatred for cheese. Wanna know how I know I’m bored?

Deedee made it into Junior National Honor Society. I’m very proud.

Gonna close my eyes now. See if I can get rid of this headache.

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