What would you do??

Pretend you and this guy were speaking for a while and you both had feelings for each other but stopped talking because of reasons, and its been 6ish months close to a year use haven;t spoken and his birthday is coming up would you send him a text saying “Hey, I know we don’t talk anymore but just wanteed to wish you a happy birthday”…. something along those lines or would you just leave it and not say anything?

What would you do? 

2 thoughts on “What would you do??”

  1. Geez I’ve kind of been thinking about that too..about my ex we broke up due to long distance but we still loved each other at the time …I still love him very much , not sure about him …but we stopped talking because I’m now in a relationship . His birthday is coming up in a couple months I didnt know if I should send him a text . But what’s the worst the could happen …I thought ..I’ve decided that I will text him. Whatever happens, happens .I won’t think about it too much …Lol though I know I will panic before I press send lol

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