When the boyfriend gets back

7:38 he returned going on about his brothers mental  health and not asking about my appointment and after knowing that I was having a shit day. Also saying he got home the time when I asked! I asked him to leave at 5 when he said he was leaving at 6. Then saying he has asked about my mental health improved him wrong then says I am in a mood. He said after me explaining about peak hours agreed to leave at 5. See not worth shit second on the mind I kissed him good by this morning and I don’t even get a hug when he gets in then ranting about going to jays mental health and his appointment????? Wtf and he did not even come to mine. Three times he has been to see jay and I have been with him 2 years and Davids been to 3-4 to wait out side. Lol and now not even in 35 mins have a 3 minuet conversation about why I am feeling the way I am then gets on phone to his mum to discuss his brother. His got loads of sisters and a mother and yet falls onto David who up until recently had me dedicated to his needs. Now I struggle where is he? I want to cry but what’s the point he will say I am in a mood or selfish. I want to die even more as he was talking i felt a crushing sensation to my skull with the feeling of my brain being sucked out. He don’t care because if he did he would fight to get my attention to be close to me because fucking hell I done it every day for weeks on end he would get upset and I would spend hours and hours trying to get it out of him and even if k could not I would sit with I’m and lay with him. 

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