A very little, little, little part of me wants to die. All of the stupid things I do are a little inspired by that. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow. I just want to stay in my bed and cry a little and not get up.

I don’t even know what’s real anymore. I hate being the age that I am. I hate being the place in life I am. I hate being in high school. I’m a fucking idiot. I know it and I’m just making myself dumber, dumber, dumber until I can’t think at all until I can’t think at all until I can’t move or speak just lay in stupor. I’m already all burned out.

I’m a dog. Put me out of my misery. Never been anything more than a stupid animal. Beat me beat me break me abuse me its all I deserve its all the same to me anyway. I don’t know any better.

I get sick when I get stoned; Everything we do, we do it alone.

Gooble gobble, gooble gobble, we accept you, we accept you, one of us

4 thoughts on “Animals”

  1. Dear friend….it sounds like the drugs or other factors (stoned) are bad for you. They are bringing you down. Please stop the drugs and seek help. The way you feel is called depression, as I’m sure you know, and there is medical help for it. Don’t throw your life away. You are not a dog, you are made in God’s image and He loves you. You wouldn’t talk about a dog as badly as you talk about yourself. I bet you love animals. Well, you are loved by God, dear, and please let that soak in.

  2. Oh my sweet little friend…until you mentioned high school and being a teenager I had NO idea. Honestly I thought you were much older. Listen to Grace though depression is real sweetie I been t here…and professional help is a good idea. And she’s right getting stoned is not a good idea.
    I mean I understand cliff dancing but you are still so wonderfully beautifully YOUNG…which is a fabulous thing…but can be such a challenge. I am so sorry you feel like shit.
    Oh and your writing my dear is amazing…clear, sharp, interesting.

  3. Thanks but I’m really okay. I only write on here when I’m feeling too dramatic to allow myself to speak to people in real life. I was having a rough night. PMSing if I’m honest. You don’t have to convince me not to die.
    Your input is always so nice to read, Hoosier53. And yeah, I’m a baby. Also the last two lines are song lyrics. Not mine. Probably should have had some discretion there but I consider myself anonymous on here and though I appreciate the concern, I really should stick to writing trashy poetry instead of just trash. My idea of art is a little skewed. I’m into garbage. Literal garbage. I live in a sewer. I was born here, raised by a race of lizard people. Please help me find my birth parents.

  4. You are so damned funny! I totally understand being anonymous and having a lovely testing ground for drama…after all art is a bit dramatic at times. Maybe I should try my hand and mind to writing crazy stuff… Glad you are okay. “Race of lizard people” love that.

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