Are You A Stranger, or More?

You’re now a stranger who said he was different but then turned out to be like everyone else… You said things like, “I won’t hurt you.” and “I love you,” and “I would never cheat on you…” But the minute I gave you the trust I thought you deserved, you threw it back in my face and betrayed me. 

You got comfortable, so you tested the waters. You knew I would stay, so it didn’t matter the words you said and the lies you spewed. You thought me ignorant, naive and vulnerable: so you took my love as weakness. How dare you. The secrets you knew you threw in my face. My everything was so invested in you and you walked all over me, and left. 

And now, or since the breakup, I haven’t been able to see through the fog… I haven’t been able to move forward because every time I start to walk away, you tug on me like the dog you think I am. You think you own me, and the sad part is is that I probably gave you that control the minute I said three simple words, “I. Love. You.” So here I am. Broken. Confused. Trying to figure out if I am in love with you, or simply the idea of having you. There was once a time when you were more then enough for me. When your words healed, your touch protected, and your presence was loving. But now I feel scared, cautious, wondering if its all a ploy to where you aren’t alone. But you weren’t alone when you left. You had her, and I had no one..

So I’m not a convenience, I know that.. But what am I? Am I the stranger to you that you are to me? The one that knows all your secrets, knows how to make you whole and how to break you, but won’t do either..? Are you a stranger, or are you my lover? 

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