Caught in a lie..kinda

Yesterday I was caught lying well more so they questioned me and I couldn’t lie to them anymore.. 

anyway this guy Toriante (or whatever I cant spell) He tried to kiss me and i was in a corner sitting down and i tried to get him away but I was laughing and I was not being very serious but i was i didnt want him to kiss me or my neck or anything byt he did.. and I pushed him softly and tried to move and he kept saying you know you want to kiss me.. but i didnt i like Xavier. anyway so he kissed my lips and i didnt kiss him back. well i tried to stay away from him after that… and then Xavier said that Toriante said that he kissed my neck and I lied and said he only kissed my cheek.. he hugged me super tight and asked if i wanted to be his girlfriend and i said surrreee blah blahhh.. 

then a few days later they were together and Mosies who hates me… 

and they all stood there and asked me if Toriante kissed me and I was like no then I was like yes.. then they all went away and Moises was laughing..

anyway I fucked up 

I should have just told him 

but i was scared I didnt want him to hate me… 

ughhh but now 

i dont know

i think i will probably just end the relationship tell him im sorry for the inconvenience and just stay away from them.


I like Xavier … 

I just fucked up i should have hit Toriante or something tried harder.. i dont know.. 

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