I Woke Up Like This….With Stew Going Off On Me Again!

Damn, It’s a brand new day and Stew (the monster within me) started off strong! I woke up thinking I was ready for school and, BAM! Stew shut that down! He’s been going off about how I’m never going to pass and won’t amount to anything. I can kiss graduating goodbye….Despite all his banter, I have decided to email my teachers and check in with them…I luckily have my counseling appt tonight and can talk to her about the latest and greatest happening with Stew.

On top of that Stew has been reminding me of all the things I miss about my ex. “Don’t forget about all your cute memories and cuddling and sex…which she is doing with someone else now, and it’s only been six weeks since you broke up so…Yeah sissy boy, have fun stewing on that…haha! get it? Cause you call me Stew…and I’m telling you things to stew on…”

At least he recognizing me as a guy and I don’t have to remind him to stop using female pronouns. Even if he thinks I’m a sissy one….I’m just coming out to people as a transmale so It’s a little wishy washy with people. They slip up a lot. And my parents especially keep calling me by my female name….but oh well. Such is the life a transgendered person.

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