My body

I strongly dislike my body..

The thighs are fat so fat. Dislike!

 My knees are covered in fat also. Dislike!!!

My feet are kinda small and fat like ughhhh . Dislike!

My tummy is yuckyyy so fat dislike.

My breast are large large. Dislike!

My shoulders have pounds of fat. Dislike!

My arms are fat and hang down to the floor. Dislike!

I have stretch marks covering like all my body. Dislike !!

My neck is fat. Dislike!

My back has layers of fat. Dislike !!!

My fingers are like viana sausages. Dislike!

I dislike it all it is wayyyyyyyyyy to fat

I am 16.. I weigh a 170-179 pounds I am 5’1/5’2

I am way to big

I am like the definition of disgusting

I am not saying if you weigh

this much it is terrible or discusting I am just unhappy with myself ..

I don’t want to have this body type…

so I plan on changing

I plan on being able to say I love my body it is beautiful

So hopefully I can love myself once I lose this weight..

if anyone has ideas please tell me..

or if you want to do it with me that would be lovely 🙂

Have a perfect day you wonderful people 🙂

2 thoughts on “My body”

  1. Dear girl, you are not so overweight in your photo. But if you want to lose, I understand because I am also 5’1″ and we just can’t take much weight. My daughter got a doctor (regular M.D.) to prescribe diet pills for her and they worked! She was about your size and now she is slender again. Skip the diet drinks because they CAUSE weight gain, honest! And you need to love yourself because you are loveable not because of size. I know as a teen it can be hard. Trying walking in the park. You can get to your desired size. I wish you bushels of luck and love.

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