Never ending saga

Pretty funny…now she is letting me move.  Very hateful about it…if I ever yell at her again she will write me up.  Well let’s see if she had been reasonable when I started to move and simply said I need you to clean that area completely and not started getting snide with me I would not have. 

I should not have lost it…that was childish. I regret that.  But find that it is interesting all this time she treats me like a child I act like one.  Then two days later she gives me what I want but then puts new restrictions on me (she wants to know exactly how many pages I type.)  WTF.  Oh and I have to figure out how to hook up my own computer.  Whatever, whatever, whatever.  Within a few days I will no longer be under her watchful eyes.  And I can play her stupid games and outwit her.  So sick of working for morons.  Truly I am. 

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