No Sleep Morning and Dealing with Arousal

If my morning couldn’t get any worse, I couldn’t sleep. Why? It’s all because of that darn Dramatical Murder Drama CD, well only part of it, but goodness it was gloriously hot! I enjoyed it highly, but that didn’t help the fact that I couldn’t SLEEP! It was very irritating but I solved the problem…sort of; i’ll admit I was a tad aroused..there I said it. Which made me listen to it again..darn it. That was the least of my troubles, my mother came home early in the morning from my aunt house. I thought she would go straight to bed but instead she went about the dishes being in the sink and how she couldn’t find her charger and wanted to blame my aunt for taking it! Why would she take it, she has her own. I kept trying to convince my mother that she may have moved the charge! I was annoyed at this point and told her to please just go to bed!

I ended up taking care of the dishes and she did find her charger (told her no one stole it). Then I really couldn’t sleep, it was already close or around 4am. Might as well watch TV, so I watched the newest episode of Damien (tv series on) A&E. I loved this episode, he’s like having such bad trust issues and it’s glorious! Plus we meet a guy who’s obsessed with him and will do anything to get his approval! Beautiful! Then I attempted. to rest.

Wanted to get up early but slept my whole morning and afternoon away, but I did manage to get a workout in though! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve went jogging cause the weather has been bad outside. So I decided to workout indoors playing a Kinect game while the brat wasn’t home. An even after this workout I was til..well a tad aroused from early…damn being horny is highly annoying but not so bad I guess.

After was a shower, I decided to talk to a friend about this whole arousal thing. Not like I’ve never been horny before but I just wanted some advice on things. An as a good friend she was always helpful in hearing my problem, I know this a natural thing an all but getting advice isn’t a bad thing. Anywho, after our conversation I ended up reading a lot of articles when my mom came home, then I had to deal with noise since she her classmate came over, they had to rehearse there dance since they had no practice, and I also found it so surprising that they didn’t have homework! They missed like two days of school because of the weather, what do you mean no homework. Crazy.

I was going to stay up but I’m extremely tired, so sleep it shall be. (Plus my mom left a lot of papers everywhere, she said she wants to finally go through everything she’s had stuffed in this piece of furniture. Well she’s going to be awhile.)

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