Not a fuck to give right now

I JUST wanted to laugh about it with someone. No, not someone, with him. Maybe even send a picture because it really did look bad. (You know what, I’ll post it here because I really don’t give a rats ass how much tit I DON’T have right now. In fact I still find it HILARIOUS! Plus it looks worse in person) But no.

Now I’m in a bad mood. Apparently he was too. But instead of asking if he was okay, or if he needed to talk about it, I disappear.
That’s what I’m good at though right? Disappearing when I shouldn’t? Saying shit I shouldn’t. Getting people mad for nothing because I forget about a little thing called humanity sometimes? Acting childish and stirring up bullshit from nothing? Then complaining like I’m the victim. I know all too well I’m not the victim. I’m the problem. The bitch.
Now the Bitch is in a Bitch mood for no reason at all. Fuck. Where are those sleeping pills.

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