Racing For A Cure

Dear Toothless,

It is April and you are still here with me and the rest of the family. We love you so much princess and we don’t want to see you stricken by pain. You are too innocent to endure even a minute of suffering.

We took you to the vet today to get your pain patch changed. Your wonderful doctor is so impressed by your strength and determination. You are gaining weight when other cats would be fading. It’s so clear to me by the look in your eyes that you are fighting this. I promise to be by your side and give you all you need to beat this. Toothless stay strong my love. I’ll always be here with open arms.

I’ve been researching and researching. Baby girl, we are going to win this. We have faith and love. I’m convinced the Earth can provide what we need. I think I have some leads.

We are going to start giving you golden paste, Chinese skull caps, and frankincense essential oil. There are stories about all of these things shrinking tumors. I’ve decided since surgery, chemo, and radiation aren’t options – we are going in a different direction.

If you give in and your soul is free from your body please know I’m okay with that. I’m simply not okay with letting you fight this alone. 

Love you baby girl. Get some rest. We’ve got work to do.

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