The Words In Your Heart

The Bible says that what comes out of our mouth reveals what is in our hearts. Matthew 15:18 KJV. Writing is the same as speaking, except the speaker uses technological tools to “talk.” We can thus conclude that a person’s writing consists of everything that is in that person’s heart. We can view one’s writings as the text-based mouthpiece.

If a writer constantly writes about The Most High and things that are related to The Most High (who He is, what He does, what He likes, what He doesn’t like, what the Bible says, etc.), then The Father is most likely lodged within that person’s heart. The same goes for a writer who constantly writes about things that are anti-Christ or worldly and such. Sin and the world are what is lodged within that person’s heart. A struggling individual may produce fluctuating material until the battle between light and darkness ends. A silent individual may just be at peace or in prayer.

Artists and creative persons cannot avoid allowing the contents of their hearts to spill out onto the canvas or white space. The Father made us in His image. Therefore, when we create things, we create things that reflect who we are.

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