achieving congruence and freedom of ability encouraging the same in ot

once you’ve reached the state of excitement and abundance and are acting on it and witnessing reflections of your new state manifesting, become aware if your new state seems incongruent with your highest excitement in any way. it may be an incongruence of feeling – i.e. you have fear where there ought to be relief, joy, or satisfaction. now evaluate the essence of your manifestation – what it represents… what it should represent is possibility because reality is always more possible, possible to expand and deliver more goods. are you frightened that something is missing? That you left something behind from your previous state of being? Perhaps a belief that you were holding is trying to pull you back to itself. Ask yourself if this belief is worth returning to, or if its possible to assimilate this belief into your new state of being. What belief are you holding that is interfering with having what you want? Here are some Uber perspectives: Have a positive mind, focus on providing abundance to drivers, customers, and managers alike. Remember that wealth is the feeling that comes from working hard, being in control of your life, and being treated with respect. As events bolster our self-esteem as humans we become increasingly capable and competent in networking and other business related activities.

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