Group meeting

I just had a group meeting from 6pm-9pm on management consulting project. We were all confused and stressed out on the project assignment that we have to do. All research was done by 5 member individually and then give their reviews on the research that they have done. Since we were all already tired and cramped up with the information on our mind we decided to stop and have a dinner to chill out our mind. We decided to take a break  due to each of us were yawning and cannot maximize their productivity in doing this group work. All of their emotional intelligence were all low so i decided to take them to have dinner first and a bit of interaction about what has happen in your life recently. After The dinner all our mind was set, happy and fresh so we decided to do our group-work again. Therefore we finish all the group work right on time at 9pm, 1 hour after we have dinner.

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