Just some thoughts..

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have the doubts about “us” that I used to. It’s a thing of the past I promise. I do still wonder though..

You told me she had left you behind. I could tell it still hurt you, and I wonder if she’s the reason we have our “moments”. What do I mean? Well..

The way you try to comfort me. When we lay there and you caress my stomach, my chest, my thighs. What gave you that idea? Is that what comforted her?

When our fingers intertwine.. Our “thing”. Was it her that started it?

The way you say you like when I run my fingers across and down your chest. Did she do that? Is that why you like it, because she made it what it is?

Is she the reason we have our moments? If she is the foundation of “us” then are they really our moments, or an attempt to feel something from your good old days before she left?

Don’t take this wrong, they’re not doubts. I do still wonder though.

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