What do we mean by LOVE??Ano nga ba ang pagkakaintindi natin tungkol sa “pag-ibig”?How about PAIN?How can you define PAIN?Is there a difference between LOVE and PAIN? How about their similarities? Can you distinguish these two words? Are they related to each other? If they are, sa anong paraan???

In this kind of questions, some of us are very curious about this. Some of us have been asking these questions to themselves. I’m sure, some have finally got the answer and some are still trying to find the answer and to fully understand it. And some, they have already their answer but not realizing and giving importance to it.. People are not foolish when it comes to their work, family or their own lifestyle…Have to admit to ourselves, we are only became foolish when it comes to love…TRUE or FALSE????

People have their own points of view when it comes to LOVE. A lot of them have their own definition to LOVE. They define LOVE thru themselves, thru family, work, circle of friends and even thru God which is the highest of all. To define LOVE is to have experienced to it.. And the following are among of the definition of love:

LOVE is:
* blind.
* a feeling that binds two people together.
* a strong feeling affection.

Alam naman natin na marami tayong definition ng “love”.. But among these definition, we can define LOVE as PAIN.. Why?Bakit pain? Come to think of this definition “Love is Pain”.. Isn’t it, that when you love, you sacrifice… There is also sadness when you love… We sometimes feel sorrow when we love… Pero isipin niyong mabuti.. In one word, what kind of feelings we have just to achieve the greatest LOVE? In one word, ano nga ba ang nararamdaman natin if we sacrifice, feel sorrow or kapag nalulungkot tayo sa tuwing iibig tayo sa isang tao… Isn’t it that these three that we felt pertains to PAIN? I mean.. Whenever we sacrificed something because of love, di ba nasasaktan tau, masakit sa atin kapag nagsasakripisyo tayo para sa taong mahal natin? When we feel sadness, bakit tayo nalulungkot?nalulungkot tayo dahil nasaaktan tayo kapag alam nating may dinadamdam yung taong mahal natin di ba…Sorrow, for what? We even feel the pain when we sorrow. Lahat ng bagay na nararanasan sa isang relasyon ay nakakaramdam ng sakit..In every relationship there is always pain.. Every time we fell in love, Pain comes along.. We can never achieve happiness to our life or even have the greatest Love if we don’t feel pain..

We endure the PAIN because of LOVE.. Love is Pain.. It is by means of enduring it and the need to conquer it to have the LOVE that will last forever..

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