Military, Civilian and Wife

It has been a while since I have written but I figured, it was time to again.

Yes, I do have things I can bitch about however I am going to try to refrain myself for this one. 

I had my monthly Drill this past weekend and I must say, I did appreciate it for once.  Not the hour and a half – two hour drive but the actually Drill with my fellow Soldiers at the 200th.  I even took the opportunity to speak with the Chaplain.

He communicated with me that I may have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and a bi-polar behavior problem considering that when I am happy, I am on cloud 9.  When I am sad however, I crash and burn into the ground millions of feet below.  He also gave me a booklet and even though it talked about Jesus, I believe that it still hit the spot.  The Chaplain was also very kind and he even told me about some of the experiences certain people in his family have had towards being sexually abused or assaulted. 

I guess what I mostly got from communicating with him is the fact that I need to allow myself to be happy, just not over anxious.  I also have to stop blaming myself since it was out of my control seeing as though I was 5 when it initially started and went on until around 12-13.

My Security Company isn’t too terrible as of right now.  The only exception being that we have two people who constantly keep calling off… Oh, well.  That is there choice overall.

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