So it Begins


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So, tonight I thought I would start to write a journal to:

  1. Rant.
  2. Help me sleep.
  3. To record the bad days.
  4. To record the good days.
  5. Rant some more.

I’m honestly at a weird point in my life where I’m not sure if I’m coming or going. And if I’m going where do I go? 

I have finally plucked the courage to push through my insecurities and through the depression. I’m trying to take control of my life more but it’s a constant struggle and I know I’m still holding back.

Sometimes I think about just packing up a rucksack ( and a little bag for Little Cat ) and just leaving this town for good. Start a fresh new life and be who ever I want to be with nothing holding me back. I’m young but it feels I had to grow up quick. Too much responsibility, too soon. I think I just need to start thinking for myself more.


Happiness of the day

One good thing did happen today, the sun came out. I sat outside out lunch, feeling the sun on my back, chatting to some work colleges. It felt nice. Like all the stress just disappeared.

I want more sunny days. 


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  1. Thanks for the reply Teapoet59. I appreciate your comment and I am trying to have a better out look on things 🙂 trying to find the happiness in each day. Also welcome to the good night journal!

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