Taken Over

How many times a day do you find yourself looking at your phone? We all know we do it. We look through all social media’s when we get up. I know I do it constantly through out the day. 

In my one of my writing classes that I am taking this term, we read an article about social media and the affects it has on different people and all I could think while we read the article was about the different times that social media did me bad. \

A lot of people love social media and I am actually one of them that does, but I hate what it has done for me through out the years that I have had it. It causes drama, people keep tabs on you and you are addicted to it. 

I have noticed that there is a LARGE amount of difference between my parents Facebook and mine, but that is going to be a normal thing that I notice because they are in their 60s and 50s and I haven’t even turned 20 yet (yes my parents are old), but that is beside the fact because there are plenty of older men and women that have their Facebook set up and it looks just like someone who could be 20. 

We are constantly using Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat because we believe that that is the easiest way to keep in contact with other people we may not hang out with constantly. For example, I can go out to lunch with friends or go shopping with them and they are always on their phones because that’s something they would rather be doing than talking to me or eating food. I mean who doesn’t like food?! 

They are so addicted to their smartphone screens that they can’t see that they have an extremely large amount of friends around them and we are actually all having a lot of fun without our cell phones. 

I believe that we are caught up on our phones because we want to make sure that someone isn’t doing something more fun or cooler than what we are already doing and if they are, we have to top them or get an invite to that party. 

I know that this whole writing concept is all over the place and may not make sense, but I guess my main point in all of this is that next time you go on facebook or start to get on social media, take a look around. How many of those people you are about to interact with are actually going to interact with you outside of social media? 

One thought on “Taken Over”

  1. I don’t and won’t ever get a cell phone. I am older than your parents by a few years.
    I feel that if I am going out with someone I would like to be able to talk to them and visit with them and not have them too busy looking at their cell phones every minute of the day. I go out to eat and I watch young couples sitting at the table with their heads down, both checking their own phones. 10, 15 minutes go by and not once did they look at their mate or try to engage them in conversation. Why go out for the evening if people have no intention of talking to one another. I know that cells phones are here to stay but I would rather communicate by using my voice when I am with someone, not texting them from across the table.

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