The Opposite Thought

I was watching a television show recently and there was this one part of the show that stuck out to me. The character said “You’re only attracted to him because you can’t have him.” 

With this being in my mind the rest of the show, I realized that it is very true. 

There are so many of us that are attracted to certain people, yes because we think they are attractive, but also because we know we will never be able to have them. For example we all have this one very large celebrity crush, whether it’s a man or a woman, we all have one. 

Those celebrity crushes that we are attracted to, we are attracted to them because they are attractive, but how often does it happen that an outsider becomes a loved one of a huge celebrity? It doesn’t usually happen. 

We are attracted to those we can’t have. It’s very true. I have noticed it and I know many of you will too. 


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