TRUE FRIENDS……… What do we mean by this? How can we tell that in cycle of friends, they are true to you? We have lots of friends, old one and new one.. We don’t even know how long would the friendship will last… But the question is, how we really categorized the friendship? How can you that being with them or having them is our really friends? How will we know if they are true to you? Ask this to yourself…” Have I really had a true friend?”

True Friends are made to find.. Each one of us have it already.. That true friend might one of your circle of friends, it might be your own bestfriend, or your favorite teacher, fellow classmates, one of your colleagues, and sometimes one of your family. Some people say that true friends are hard to find. Friends come and go. You gave your old friends and some new will come along your life. Friends always there for you…there to lend an ear to hear you out, there to give you a hand to help you out in times of trouble, there laugh with you even cry with you.. But among these, which of them really cares for you? Which among of them really understands you and loves you enough to be with you until the very end? We can never really tell how long the friendship would last isn’t it? And these kind of friends are easily to find.. They are just around you..

What really hard to find is someone or a friend that never leaves beside you or a friend that will accept you for who you are and will not trying to change you just to be with him or her. A friend is someone who would not take for granted and not asking in return. A friend is someone who will listen to you no matter how things get crazy and difficult, A friend is someone who will stay by your side even though your miles away from it as long as she can her and feel your presence that you are there for him/her. A friend is someone you can trust too, someone who will still accept you even you commit a mistake or done something wrong.. Someone who still understand you despite the things she/he has done wrong and despite that it will ruin your friendship. Someone who will fully understands you. And a friend that will protect you no matter what happen and faced the hardships that it will bring.. Because a True Friend is someone who never GIVE UP on you even though they will be the first one to give up on you.

So if ever you are the one that so called ” TRUE FRIEND ” to that person, hang in there, never give up on them, remain true to yourself to be with them, and never let go the thought that you are just being true to them…

TRUE Friend is just like that….

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