Work saga

So I went to move my stuff over there.  Lots of work and especially challenging since she told me I can’t get ISA to help with computer.  Regardless I COULD do it.  But when I sat there I didn’t like it…it was out of my comfort zone.  

It’s funny too because I can see out the same window but opposite direction…and that is what I missed my view.   I’ve been sitting in the same spot looking out the same window for five years!  And it has changed at an amazing rate since January of last year as they are building a huge building right outside my window.  Fascinating.  Anyhow I don’t do change well…and I’m staying put.  I’ve had my boat rocked enough of late.  Oh and I will really miss the money but no OT this week or next.  The following week I’m on vacation and I want to be rested up!  Maybe this will help.  Help me feel better about my life I really don’t know.

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