Back Again

Sorry for not having written anything for a whole eight days. This time, it honestly isn’t my fault that I haven’t been writing–the electricity has been going like ZAAAPPP!! every single day, and everything that’s plugged into the walls has been fried. Our internet line thing was burned badly, so I haven’t had internet for days. Luckily we pulled everything out of their sockets beforehand, so the damage wasn’t so extensive, but my phone…

Ah, my phone.

I pulled it out the moment I knew what was happening on that first day, but the charger has still kind of failed. I don’t know if it’s just the head that’s failed or the converter (it’s an iPhone and it has a funny plug), so now I can only charge it by plugging it into the computer. And that goes really slowly, so I can’t use it much now…Oh, my poor phone. It’s old, it’s a 4S, but it’s still my first phone and I’ve done a lot of stuff on it. And by a lot of stuff I mean I’ve watched Dan and Phil, Doctor Who, and movies on it. Great times.

But I don’t even know why the hell I’m apologizing for writing, since no one reads these things anyway. I guess I just feel bad for not writing on this site for so long. I write every day in my paper journal though, lots of thoughts about my stories going around in my head lately.

Anyway, I’ll keep this short and end it here. Fill you guys in tomorrow, hopefully, even though I’ve been doing nothing, as usual. Hope you’ve all been really, really good–have a good weekend, it’s Friday! And, as always, just stay chill.

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