Bad day

I went to work today in Marrickville doing my part time job as waitress. However, today’s work was not quite satisfying for my self and the restaurant itself. The reason is that I have to stay up all night figuring the answer of my school assignments and finishing my other assignment which are all due in the same week. i was so stressed out, depressed and sleepy when i have to go to work. My mind was not in a right place, all that  i could think of, was assignments  and the due dates. I make a huge mistakes where 2 of my local customer made a complain that placed the wrong order. I was so embarrassed and feel guilty to my boss because it could decrease its reputation. However he did not get mad at me, it was really weird though.  he straightly bring me outside and asked what has happened with me because its not the normal “me”. So i told him what has been happening in my life lately and he gave me tons of advice and gave me 2 hours break to relax so that i could be more focused. That break was really effective, it makes me rest more and relax my mind for a bit do a simple mediation which make me maximize my productivity and useful for the next couple of hours in my workplace.

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