Cant bear it anymore !!!

I’m awfully tired of this damned work that spoils my mood everyday and future fears that tear me apart day-by-day. I already hate this math riddles which make my mind confused …i hate my math teacher who never praises or gives a motivation to me. I know i should pay no attention to it but simply i’m tired of this damned life and cant bear it anymore. Mostly i hate myself cause i’m too silly in math ..i didnt use to be like that.. I know i should somehow bear it and bring my work to conclusion..just somehow…i should summon my strength..the last strength i left. I hate myself i amnt good enough and it tears my heart into pieces.. I hate this one-year work which doesnt seem to finish successful .. I hate the university cause it tortured me already. I dont know what i want. I dont know what to do. I want to study. I’m not lazy but when i see my work isnt as worth as others it makes me want to die. I hate all of this .. 

I dont want anything. Let me die and let me have a rest..let me breath out forever.

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